Why «Zukunft Himalaya»?


​​Future Himalaya is a non-profit association founded and registered a week after the massive April 2015 earthquake in Nepal/Tibet, India and the adjacent countries. After the earthquake, Dawa Sigrist was approached by many people who wanted to help and “Future Himalaya” was born.

The founding member is Dawa Sigrist (born in Tibet), who has more than 20 years of experience in travelling in these countries. He is the founder and owner of a high-end travel agency specializing in the Himalayan regions. Over the years, Dawa Sigrist has built up a large network while travelling in the Himalayas, and he has met people from different ethnic groups, social backgrounds and cultures. He stays in close contact with them.

Warum Zukunft Himalaya

Zukunft Himalaya ist ein Verein, der nach der Erdbebenkatastrophe in Nepal/Tibet/Indien vom 25. April 2015 auf Anfrage von vielen Seiten her gegründet wurde.

Die Vereinsgründung erfolgte durch Dawa Sigrist (gebürtiger Tibeter), der in den vergangenen 20 Jahren als Inhaber eines Reisebüros und während vieler, intensiver Reisen in Asien wertvolle Kontakte zu Menschen aus allen Schichten hergestellt hat.